The magic of cooking with coconut milk!


Wednesday - 19th August 2020

An exotic fragrance, silky texture and delicate flavour—coconut milk is in a league of its own when it comes to enlivening dishes and taking taste buds on a trip! It’s a key ingredient in Asian cuisine, often playing a starring role in curries and Thai soups. But did you know just how versatile coconut milk is? There’s no end to what you can put it in! Here are a few recipe ideas.

Wake me up before you coco(nut)

Do you usually kick off your day with a delicious, fresh smoothie? Next time, add some coconut milk to your blender for an extra creamy texture and a tropical twist. It’s high in minerals, making it the perfect food to start your day off right! Need something a little more filling for breakfast? Coconut milk will work wonders in your French toast mixture and waffle batter!

Super soups

Coconut milk isn’t just good in Asian soups: it’s also perfect for adding rich, velvety goodness to your classic soup recipes. Plus, it’s a great alternative for people who are lactose intolerant or vegan. Whether you add it to your soup while it's on the stove or pour into your bowl just before serving, coconut milk will give your dish just the exotic touch you’re looking for.

Fragrant dinners

Coconut milk is definitely the ideal ingredient for authentic Asian stir-fries! Its subtle flavour pairs wonderfully with chicken, shrimp and tofu. You can even cook rice in coconut milk to impart it with a pleasant aroma. Craving comfort food? Coconut and curry are a perfect match for fish, veal and pork stews!

Sweet tooth

You can’t bring up coconut and not talk about how perfectly it goes in desserts! Cookies, cakes, pudding and mousse are just a few confections where coconut milk and coconut cream really shine. Cocktail lovers will have a blast adding it to fresh fruit punch, alcoholic coffee cocktails or an extra creamy piña colada.

Good to the last drop

Don’t let your leftover coconut milk languish in the back of the fridge. Stir a spoonful into your morning coffee for a tropical twist, or try using it to replace dairy in your scrambled eggs, oatmeal or purées. Can’t think of anything to do with it right this second? Simply pour the rest of the can into an ice tray and freeze it for later. And if you want to avoid leftovers altogether, our brand new 200 ml format is perfect for minimizing waste.

Stock up on cans of coconut milk and add a bit of magic to your everyday recipes!