Put Asian cuisine on your holiday menu


Wednesday - 16th December 2020

Change things up this year with an Asian-inspired holiday menu. Because it’s accessible, simple and oh so tasty, Asian cuisine fits right in with our year end traditions. See for yourself how easy it is to put together unique menus that are refreshingly different and that your guests won’t soon forget! 

Holiday potluck

Potlucks are a go-to tradition this time of year, whether for a New Year’s Eve buffet or just to mix things up with your family. Out with potato salad and layered dip, in with shrimp dumplings, vermicelli salad, and Wonton verrines and Thai skewers. Who says your taste buds can’t go on vacation?

Shake things up this year

What better time than Christmas break to cook up a storm? Why not serve miso, Tom Yum or wonton soup as a starter? These staples of Asian cuisine are lighter than the traditional pea soup, so they’re sure to satisfy everyone around the dinner table while still leaving plenty of room for the main course! Give the classics a rest and swap out the stuffed turkey for a turkey curry, beef Wellington for crusted pork tenderloin with panko, meatball stew for veal or chicken meatballs in a coconut milk sauce. Try this shiitake mushroom risotto as a side with any one of these dishes—the whole family will be clamouring for seconds!

Desserts galore!

Go off the beaten path and get creative with dessert! Fried bananas or wontons are a feast for the eyes and the taste buds. Want to stick to something more traditional? For a fresh twist on a Canadian classic, try coconut milk instead of maple syrup in your pouding chômeur this year!

Ring in the new year with treats from the East

Celebrate the new year with a festive cocktail or two: the Red Lotus is bursting with lychee and cranberry goodness, while the Christmas on the beach cocktail takes the flavour party to the next level with an explosion of tropical fruit! Last but not least, a splash of sweet cream of coconut will bring the tropics to your fruit punch bowl. Wanderlust guaranteed!

No matter how you work it into your holiday menu, Asian cuisine will carve out a place for itself from Christmas to New Year’s and beyond. Check out our recipes page for more simple meal ideas to enjoy with your loved ones this season!