Discovering Asian Soups


Monday - 24th January 2022

Thailand, Vietnam, China, Japan: soup is at the heart of countless traditions in these Asian countries. From a creamy, Thai soup with coconut milk to a light miso broth, we are giving you an overview of how to discover Asian soups for yourself with the best techniques.

Made from a broth base, rice noodles, fresh herbs and meat, Pho is a dish that is emblematic of Vietnamese cuisine. Also known under the name “Tonkinese soup” by French speakers, this is a main meal with fragrances of ginger and star anise, often accompanied by spring onions, lime wedges, beansprouts and a range of sauces.

Originating from Japan, miso soup is made from a broth base consisting of dashi and miso paste, but it is quite rare to eat it in its most basic form! Actually, depending on the region or your own preferences, it is often garnished with seaweed and your choice of vegetables. Over here, we usually top miso soup with tofu or shrimp, and we often add Asian noodles, rice vermicelli and aromatic herbs to the broth.

A delicious broth garnished with little Chinese dumplings, the famous wonton soup served as an entree in Asian restaurants is well known in North America. We are most familiar with this simple variety, however, it isn’t difficult to come across indulgent wonton soups, to which vegetables like carrots, mushrooms and bok choy are added.

Generously garnished with fish, meat, eggs and vegetables, traditional ramen is nothing like those packets of instant noodles you find in the corner shops! Quintessentially Japanese, its variations can be found in countless recipes, varying in their use of tofu, red meat, chicken, vegetables and spices.

Tom Yum
Tom Yum soup is one of the most well known among the various Thai soups which have made the journey over here. It is made from a broth that has noticeable hints of lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, garlic, lemon juice, fish sauce and chilli. You often add fish, shrimp, chicken or pork to it, and finish it off with a dash of coconut milk.

Tom Kha
A little less well known here, Tom Kha is a Thai soup with a base of coconut and galangal, a spice that is the cousin of ginger. The other ingredients include lemongrass, chilli and kaffir lime. You often add mushrooms, noodles, pork, chicken or fish to it.

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