Fixing up fast, stress free lunches


Friday - 3rd December 2021

Packing healthy balanced lunches can sometimes feel like such a chore. But at Haiku, we don’t think that being deliberate about what we eat should be rocket science! With our handy tips, you’ll be a veritable lunch expert!

Ready to eat soups, a smart choice

Instant soups can really help out in a pinch come lunchtime, but they’re often not so good for you. That said, so long as you pick the right one, like our new instant miso soups with eggplant, seaweed or vegetables, they can be a perfectly healthy option! Unlike most packaged soups, our miso line contains no GMOs and has fewer than 50 calories per serving. They are a complete source of high-quality protein, iron and zinc, and miso is rich in probiotics, which are great for your digestive health. They couldn’t be any easier to make, either. Just add boiling water, and voila—one hot, hearty soup! For a complete meal, serve with the protein of your choice, such as shrimp, tofu or chicken.

All the taste, none of the wait

Good ingredients are essential to a delicious lunch, but eating well often requires a lot of prep time beforehand. However, with Haiku’s steamed ramen and udon noodles or rice , it takes half as long to make a top tier lunch. Since Haiku noodles and rice are precooked, just heat them up for a few minutes and combine with dinner leftovers of grilled vegetables and meat to whip up a protein packed soup, super duper rice or tasty stir-fry .

Warm up, serve and enjoy!

Don’t have time to order soup from your favourite Asian restaurant? Dig into your canned soup stash instead! Our tom yum, wonton, tom kha and Thai curry soups are made from premium ingredients and can go toe to toe with any local joint. Just heat them up on the stove or in the microwave, and you’re good to go. Keep a couple cans in your desk to help you out on days when you need a good hot lunch, quick. Be careful though, the delicious smell of Haiku soup might make your co workers jealous!

For lots of easy lunch ideas, check out the recipes section of our website!