Extraordinary desserts made with coconut cream


Friday - 31st December 2021

Rich, versatile and pleasantly sweet, coconut cream is a great replacement for evaporated milk in any number of your favourite desserts. Not only does it have up to 50% fewer calories than regular sweetened condensed milk, its tantalizing aromas and smooth, lustrous texture are a delight for the senses.

Let them eat coconut cake!

Why stick to plain old vanilla and chocolate? With coconut cream, a whole new world of possibilities opens up! Serve up adorable coconut cupcakes, ultra moist squash and coconut cake or decadent chocolate torte! The coconut cream in these recipes gives them a texture to die for, with mouth watering flavour. Whether it’s the height of summer or the dead of winter, these delectable tropical flavours make for some drool worthy desserts.

Fruity treats that can’t be beat

It’s hard to go wrong with a fruit and coconut combo. The refreshing taste of pineapple, mango or banana combined with coconut is always a winner! Dig into a restaurant worthy mango mousse, treat yourself to velvety post supper pineapple flan or pack some banana pudding for lunch. You won’t regret it!

A tropical twist

We never tire of these amazing classic desserts that we used to make with our grandmothers. But why not breathe some new life into the treats we loved as children? Use a mix of coconut milk and sweetened coconut cream to add a tropical twist to a traditional pouding chômeur or make piña colada flavoured pineapple flan.

Dazzling desserts

Sometimes you just want to indulge your sweet tooth and stop counting the calories—and oh boy, do we have some irresistible recipes for you. Explore the world of specialty coffees with a liqueur latte, or cleanse your palate with a frozen piña colada tart. When you don’t want to settle for anything but the best, these fried wontons stuffed with fruit, dipped in a coconut caramel will really hit the spot. These are some desserts you’ll be dreaming about for years to come!

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