Keto diet trends: Let’s talk konjac!


Tuesday - 20th October 2020

Think low-cal, low-fat, low-carb pasta sounds too good to be true? Think again! With konjac noodles, you can have your cake and eat it too. You may have noticed this keto-friendly pasta substitute appearing on supermarket shelves recently and wondered what it’s all about. Let us break it down for you! 

A healthier alternative

Used in Japan since the 18th century, konjac is said to lower blood sugar, improve digestion and act as a natural appetite suppressant. Let’s zoom in on the last of these claims. Konjac has a high water and fibre content, which may contribute to satiety. Specifically, its roots contain glucomannan, a type of fibre that coats your stomach, making you feel full faster and for longer. Some studies have shown that glucomannan can help you lose weight.

Only five calories per serving? No, that’s not a typo!

The keto diet restricts carbohydrate consumption to 50 g per day. Clocking in at a mere 2 g of carbs and 5 calories per 83 g serving, Haiku konjac noodles are perfect for keto-diet disciples who are craving a pasta fix. They’re also a great choice for those following a vegan or gluten-free diet, or anyone who just wants to eat healthier or shake up their weeknight pasta routine. Konjac noodles are also suitable for diabetics, as glucomannan has been proven to help lower blood sugar in those with insulin resistance. What can’t it do?!

Ready in a flash

Konjac has a subtle, neutral taste, and thanks to the fibrous texture of glucomannan, it easily takes on the flavour of whatever it’s cooked with. In fact, konjac can absorb up to 50 times its weight in water! Plus, it takes minutes to prepare—just rinse, heat and add to your favourite stir fry or pasta dish. Haiku has three cuts of konjac for all your needs: vermicelli, rice and noodles. All three pair beautifully with Asian-inspired flavours.

Don’t believe us? Try making shrimp pad Thai with konjac noodles instead of rice noodles, or use them in place of regular vermicelli in a Vietnamese chicken soup. You can even use konjac to replace the rice for a keto version of our beef and Chinese cabbage stir-fry. For a no-fuss weeknight meal, combine a can of coconut milk, curry paste and whatever vegetables you have around—snow peas, bok choy, Chinese cabbage, onions, carrots, mushrooms or our tasty canned vegetables—with konjac noodles. Your tastebuds and waistline will thank you!